Charlieget a life

another verse/chorus was never going to comr for this song then along come mr daugrin with his 60' challenge


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3 Responses to “get a life”

  1. please note I do not like obvious political or personal attack statements. this is not a veiled attack on anyone. We all form our views at leat partially based on what we read and/or see. my simple point is that instead of denigrating and scorning what other people believe, we should all be very skeptical about the information we receive/believe ourselves.

  2. Because you took up the 60-second challenge (and did a great job with it!) I decided to give it a go, too. I like the ambiguity here. You can read it as an attack on those folks who read something and they turn it into an unshakable belief, but also as a matter of self-examination and assessment.

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