Charliefaded blue

god bless miles davis, john coltrane and bill evans. god forgive me for this little tribute


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10 Responses to “faded blue”

  1. This has a unique vibe Charlie, there doesn’t appear to be a traditional development. Can I understand as yer orchestrating? I think… Not much butter in the piano solo either, which strikes me as curious. Was that a choice you made?


    • just realised what you were asking re orchestration; basically I improvise each section separately for a while before recording. I will then correct egregious errors. orchestration from a blank sheet I can’t do yet, nor would I want to on a jazz piece.

  2. thanks as always for listening Daug.
    I’m trying to do a modal piece like something on “kind of blue”. my impression of that music of that time (especially blue in green) is that on initial listens, it makes no particular melodic/structural sense and its all about mood and texture. however there is melody and some structure that is revealed on subsequent listens. especially with bill evans on piano. to my ears, the notes come out of the air at time without visible pattern but then resolve into snatches of melodic purpose.
    I think should probably not have posted my weak attempt at bill evans, but I was really pleased at the melodic development at around the 2:05 mark.

    • Weak? Naw. It’s an experiment. Maybe some discussion will help?
      The idea jazz is improvised composition is a misnomer. BWOE, Miles bands were elite players, were rehearsed and properly prepared. No jazz happens without work. Structure, even in free jazz settings, is present in the constraints of technique and instrumentation, and therefore implied…
      The technique of “tipping in” or playing the “butter tones” at strategic points is essential. Structural dictates? In most setting yes! So, for example, “Tune Up” or “Forward Pass”, are designed to offer opportunity for this kind of work. That’s why we dig them. Don’t worry with Evans melodic styling, study his comp, the rest comes on the gig. Don’t give this approach up! Focus on the form, then worry about the colors… Color goes on the wall. Without effective walls there is nothing to hang the color on.


  3. Unexpected twists and turns. Can I really hear kids playing in the background?

    Very nicely done. Lovely tone on the guitar and suitably restrained. Piano is a tad loud for me.

    The sax works well.



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