grah3amDoctor Mentacles

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12 Responses to “Doctor Mentacles”

  1. The funky sci-fi duckman rides again! Perhaps a linear storyline with some action verbs, if yer gonna clown ya gotta sell something and convince the listener to buy in… Good to hear from you here in the new house!

    • Mentacles doesn’t do linear, only squiggly! It’s a soundtrack/theme to a comic character in my Tatertown *****. Considering I’ve only done one pic of him, he’s **** lucky to get this!

      Thanks, Daug, as ever. It’s good to be back with fellow MacJammers again, after the recent disappointment.

    • We’ve had a rough time of late, so my music has changed to reggae and 80’s pop/funk to lighten things up.

      When things get gloomy and proggy, you’ll know everything’s fine.

      Good to hear from you again, KC.

    • Thank you, Char. Good to see you again. I am split between this site and Macjams.net, and also send tunes to Anne Alma’s OpenStage Radio show on YouTube. (A very talented community, though rather small at the moment.)

  2. It is great to find the old gang, or at least, some of them. Being here has really lifted my spirits. I wanted a place where we were all friends. Of course, I met you guys 12 years ago. This, kind of feels…like home. We should have something like the old Beer Friday.

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