Do you Hear a Who Mashup
PouredoutDo you Hear a Who Mashup

Merry Christmas... from an old newby


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4 Responses to “Do you Hear a Who Mashup”

  1. War? Using a midi cover of a popular tune, ala karyoki and adapting a lyric was popular development in the early 90s. The norm evolved to actually play the music, especially on a cover. Normally a direct rip of something requires a level of satire or parody to be tolerated. Not following the conventions of online society is fine with me, but I am suggesting that at one time in the evolution of online freeper music the behavior here would be panned or worst the victim of hate screeds. Looks like those folks are not here-yet, it would be great if that behavior was not tolerated. I think you did a great job here.


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