Copyright 2013.  Going for a Joe Walsh kind of feel.

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5 Responses to “Crusin’”

  1. Instrumentally I like it, slide and bass sound good as well as melody and song structure.
    Vocals are a bit too hard for me to catch what your sayin’. Not a big deal to me ‘cuz I don’t always pay any attention to lyrics. ha ha. I suppose printed lyrics would be a nice addition.

    Good work!

  2. You are writing good tunes and you play well. The bass sounds good because its center where it should be, but I think you have to get more spread and space. Its not filling my head space. Pull the guitar more to the side and the drums will come through better. You can add a parallel reverb bus for the guitar and pan it more to the opposite side of the guitar dry bus. Don’t need much reverb but enough to give it a sense of space and depth. Good song and performance.

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