a gloomy little ditty


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10 Responses to “cityscape”

  1. “What’s gone is gone is gone…” The British is coming out here! Sad song about being happy anyone? Gals dig it!
    The orchestration during what seems to be a late middle eight lifted the project, very impressive writing! Percussion was sparse and understated it seemed…
    Notice the almost monotone expression in the vocal? How many different expressive touches could you have applied to the word “gone” in the chorus lyric to add dimension or shades of meaning?
    Allow me to suggest Jo Stafford, a recording artist who go her start in the Big Band era. Listen to her recording of “Haunted Heart”. Her techniques, vocal expressiveness, will be an inspiration. Eq that nasal vocal lol… “Haunted Heart” is more than gloomy, because JS makes the listener “feel” the song-nuff said.


    • Thank you Daug! I know its not one of my better pieces but I was please with the orchestration. It has its origin in you sending me off to listen to Mike Pinder and the Moody’s, some 6 months or so ago. Since then I’ve found mucking around with violas and cellos in Logic is the most fun I can have with or without my clothes on.
      I will listen to Jo Stafford as you suggest

  2. Hello Charlie. Interesting stuff here. I agree-gloomy, but that is neither here nor there. There is a lot going on and some of it comes in and out unexpectedly, creating a bit of confusion or a feeling of things being out of sync. I think a little less syncopation (?) would appeal to me more. Nevertheless, there are some nice parts in this piece.

    • Hi thanks for listening. I think you’re right about less syncopation. The initial song felt too long and monotonous so I cut the song down by excluding a first verse, with just guitars and drums. I think I left in too much piano, which made more sense in a second verse, but obscures the structure of the song when put in the first verse.

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