GrathyChristmas is coming (with Mary) mp3 (2012 12 19)

Done with my pal Patrick a few years ago. What happened to the real spirit of Christmas?


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4 Responses to “Christmas is coming (with Mary) mp3 (2012 12 19)”

  1. This girl’s voice is growing on me over time. I would so like to eq the nasal rasp out of her work, please! (Sorry, my ears.)
    Nothing happened to the Christmas Spirit my friends. Turn the mass media off and everything gets bright and rosey. Relationships with the people we love is Christmas.
    The snare of this recording is excellent, both production and employment of that snare sample are tops!


    • I didn’t do the mixing on this song, so sorry. My music partner (Lafayette, aka, Patrick Poulou) passed away earlier this year, and I was always pleased with his work. I can’t do much on my own…

      • This nasal rasp is simple to reduce. Just open a sweepable eq and make a fine down spike. Sweep this spike into the vocal track slowly starting at the bottom. Shortly yer ears will hear the honk in the ladies voice disappear. It is not uncommon to make four or more cuts in a gal’s vocal eq. There are plenty of online tutorials available to support this work. Cutting with eq works!


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