rschlettyChorus (Shannon's Song)
A collaboration with poet Shannon McDaniel. Words and melody by Shannon. Instruments, chords, vocals and mixing by Richard.   Chorus (Shannon's Song)   We're here for the count, this dawning of day, Moved beyond words, with our latest dream fade. Come music in morning, leave the night in the sky, There's song on our wings and a voice in our cry.   The dancer moves strings 'cross evening's mer-mist, With the hands of the sculptor embracing our kiss. The eyes of the ocean, stain-blue-glass skies, It's his face I'm touching, when the world seems right.   Across the chestnut breast of a motherless bride, Wearing her beads, she counts the years gone by. Dancing on canvas, she crowns sand-laced castles, With prayers like the sparrows, find a safe place to land.   My Lord, now he's so good to me, When I die or dream, I go there to be free. There's a poet and painter, the sculptor and muse, A lover and hater of all we hold true.   The words flow free from the deep heart of sailors, The eyes of the painter and the song of the saint. Love sees through the wishes, and nature needs life, Wonder frees children with love lasting time.  (2x)

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4 Responses to “Chorus (Shannon’s Song)”

    • Thanks. I had to work real hard to lay down the lead guitar parts. Probably recorded each lead segment 10 to 15 times (in Logic) before I go it right. I’m more of a strummer than a lead guitarist.

      “Schletty does not shred”

  1. good work, well written and performed. I think the mix might be improved by getting a little more separation between main guitar and vocal. Perhaps using eq to further reduce boomy sound of guitar and a little more stereo separation.

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