ZzyzxxCalifornia is Burning

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8 Responses to “California is Burning”

  1. Okay, I too am a bit baffled. The music is interesting with excellent production and execution. I just don’t hear a monster wild fire.
    Maybe the fire isn’t a wildfire. Perhaps we have a very sly social commentary on our hands? If so Bravo!


  2. I wrote it uptempo to try convey the speed of a grass fire, and wrote it in a minor key to give the seriousness of the event. I even thought writing dissonant chords would convey the chaos of the situation. I never meant it to be a happy dancing tune. I guess miss titled and missed the point of the song.

  3. this is a very good listen even if it is neither a “sly social commentary” as suspected by mr Daugrin, nor particularly evocative of the human and environmental disaster that is the burning of CA.

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