Remember days, remember why

You didn't have to wonder is it truth or is it lies

A simple look yeah one of those

And I remember, water from a hose

Way back in time-not long ago

Life had a groove we all belonged to

Remember days, remember when

You didn't have to wonder you've got a friend

A simple need, yeah one of those

And I remember commonality


Way back in time, way back in time (repeat)

I look down the road as far as I can see (repeat)

It's not what you can see Fear is the enemy

It's not what you can see fear is your enemy


I can't take no more, I can't take no more

You can't fear no more And stay the land of the free

Remember now, remember how

You traded freedom for safety in disquise

The future looks, of history books

Will judge you for the stance, the one you never took

Remember when, remember why

The dreams you stole from someone

Cause you swallowed all the lies


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6 Responses to “C-19”

  1. The vocal recalls the best Morrison which is always a good thing. Great playing. Production is excellent. Great lyric for the times. NO nits, Turn that guy loose!


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