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4 Responses to “Burning Earth”

  1. Hello KC, great job on this tune! Obviously very passionate about what you believe to be happening in the world. In the US, outside the main stream media, critics would consider yer tune a “virtue signal”. Two miles of ice over New York City last little ice age. Nothing you or I or all the fossil fuel burning possible will stop that cycle. Try learning instead of burning, I am as passionate about that as you about yer climate change.


  2. Another one knocked out of the park. Your music never ceases to impress and entertain.

    As for “climate change.” It’s as old as the earth. Good (non-politicized) science tells us that AT MOST (IF AT ALL) humans may be only 2% responsible for current changes. There are solid reasons for doubting it’s even that much.

    We all need to stop listening to hysteria-producing “news” rooted in the politics and the insatiable greed of men like George Soros, Maurice Strong and the like.

    What “everybody knows” and what “can’t be challenged” is ALWAYS a myth. ALWAYS!

    Just follow the power and the money. Forget the politicians. Radical Lefties and Neo-Cons are all financed and controlled by the same UNNAMEABLE money power.

    Nuff said…

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