CharlieBoomer Blues

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  1. Thank you for listening and commenting “thenownows”‘ I meant to post lyrics but forgot..

    boomer blues

    who’d be a holy man before whom all must kneel
    a man of the moment in the church of me.
    this is the age of the solipsist
    the time of the firm handshake and the supple wrist

    we can never get enough, just much more than we need
    joining each queue from the front is our only creed
    with a girl or two we’re having the time of our lives
    and we don’t miss the love that’s not in their eyes

    what we say, what we do, where we lead,
    pity the followers in their need
    but who are we to say who can stay,
    who are we to say who must leave?

    the city streets are our happy hunting ground
    the greasy pavements, where the flat-footed pound
    our children are playing with their drugs and their knives
    they’re losing everything, even their lives

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