WYNDSOKBaby Talks In Code

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5 Responses to “Baby Talks In Code”

  1. A crude demo of this rockin’ little ditty was originally recorded back in 2010. I recently revisited it, and it made me laugh out loud. I decided it was high time I bring it to completion.

    I changed the voice of the electric guitars, re-recorded the bass, and added some organ. I even added a brand new transitional verse before the sax solo. It goes without saying that I also thoroughly remixed it.

    Heartfelt thanks to our own Daugrin for numerous helpful tips on mixing. That being said, any defects in the current mix are my responsibility and mine alone!

    This song is an exploration of the old “men are from Mars/women are from Venus” theme. (My wife Diana laughs every time she hears it because she knows well just how true it is!)

    It features:

    Micheal Wark: Vocals, guitars, bass, and organ.
    Andy Mackle: Live drum kit.
    Andy (“Wiggy”) Wigzell: Sax solo.

  2. Yes, Daug gets all the credit for these things when things sound better lol, it’s not like I did anything on the track, I think I have heard other versions of this tune… anyway, great to hear you acting up again online. Bravo! Keeping the bar high!


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