tovecoA Simple Song_FEK-TSToriginal
Love this version with FreeEarCandy

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12 Responses to “A Simple Song_FEK-TSToriginal”

  1. Beautifully done. Nice to hear you once again. I miss so many from the old icomp site. So grateful we get another chance. (I was Calchas there…)

    Guitar soloing was effective there at the end….

  2. The info about the song go down with Icomp
    but I think the bass and drum is by Graham Exton and David Mcnair
    if I remember right, but I can be wrong Iā€˜m too old to remember šŸ™

  3. Ha! I don’t know what to say Tom. Well, thank you! I suppose what I did on this track in jest is a keeper. I never thought you would become so attached to it, as it was just a demo of what I could offer vocally to the mood of the song, and my odd way of asking for lyrics at the same time.

    I’m stunned and thankful for all the very nice comments. Also thanks and credit to Graham Exton and David Mcnair for their part as well. Much appreciated my friend!

    Had I not searched my name (FEC) to see if there where any comments to respond to on other songs I posted earlier, I wouldn’t have known you posted this old Icomp collaboration.

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