Can Go For That!


Sorry to disappoint, lol, this is parody. When the original was recorded, Hall And Oats were breaking.  The groove became the MJ’s “Billy Jean” too.  Hall says this was originally a protest song against the pressures of the business of music.  Imagine… Woeks for our purpose as well…  All guitars played on my tele “Wolf”.  Hear her licking her chops on the intro?  Your turn friend.  What ya got?  

Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Cover)


This is the grandaddy of all the Pink Floyd covers I have done. Coming in at 13:34 min, it is likely the biggest undertaking I have done to date. Lesson here is never bite off more than you can chew. This one nealy drove me nuts. The deeper I got into it the harder it was to walk away from it, because of all the time and effort put into it. The sound quality may be wanting, because I had to crunch this into an mp3 in order to upload it, but its still not too bad. Enjoy and take small bites.

Coming Back To Life


This was the very first Pink Floyd cover I did. All it done on a Casio anolgue keyboard, as I was totally in the dark about VST and recording. In any event, I first posted this on You tube in 2008 and it recieved 54,000 plays before they took it down. Lesson here for educational purposes is You Tube sucks.

Cluster 1

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This is a simple cover that wasn’t so simple. For your education, this song was never done live by Pink Floyd. This was done in my early days when I knew much less than I know now. 

Cyberpunk Chronicles


Work in Progress.
Been a couple of months. Sorry I’ve been buried deep in some weird music juju, revisitng unrecorded songs from way long ago. All the same it was time for something fresh and new so, here it is!

Good Man Down

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Wrote this several years ago to honor the memory of a dear old friend.

Requiem for a Blue Planet


I haven’t uploaded to this site in a while. This is a song I originally did in 2011. I tweaked and remastered it. Sorry for the title, but with all thats going on it is sort of pessimistic and negative, exactly how I feel. 



Trying something a bit different (for me at least). A work in progress, not crazy about lyrics or vocal or ending! As always would really appreciate feedback, I’m 100% in learning mode.

Redeem Me


A song about depression, mental illness and how to deal with it. 

Annastacia’s Coal Mine RADIO Mix


Sorr y I’ve been in hiding during this whole COVID-19 thing. 
Here’s a song about the Adani coal mine, a totally unwanted unloved, evil mofo hole in the ground, and the woman who wanted it so bad. 

another egg – 26:05:2020, 10.36


I saw a short article stating that the lockdown would rob Londoners of the chance to see a display of Andy Warhol’s wigs. There was an attached shot of 3 wigs. I think Warhol’s art is interesting and certainly caught a zeitgeist. Damian Hirst on the other hand..



A new one

In fact the second version of this song, the first  version was too mellow, Now there’s a bit more anger



You divide and conquer

While there is fear and hunger

You play a dangerous game

But you won’t take any blame


Your’re a cheat and a crook

You don’t play by the book

You don’t show affection

Your concern is re-election


Refr: Behind your wall of lies

You’re a devil in disquise

So you better watch your steps facing your demise


You’re a man with a dark side

And you don’t even try to hide

You’re the king of the deal

Don’t care how we feel




Brdg: There’s chaos and division

And I see a total lack of vision

You’re a king without a crown

You’re gonna bring us down


You say politics is poker

Now tell me who’s the joker

The government is compromised

And the people demoralized


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