When I get home


Hans Nooitgedagt Jr – drums

Bingsolex – lead guitar

Erwin B – bass, recording, coffee

KC – vocals, guitar, mix & artwork

Closing Time Blues


Hullo, been a while. 
Hope you are all well. So devastated to read about Lafayette. 🙁

I’m working on a blues album his year. 
This is a track from the project.

We can be friends


A live in the studio recording. We did it last week.

Hans Nooitgedagt Jr – drums

Bingsolex – lead guitar

Erwin B – bass, recording

KC – guitar, vocals, mix & artwork


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this is a rough mix for one of my newer songs, Fireproof. im missing the solo, but hopefully, you’ll enjoy it all the same. thanks!


Dad’s New Suit with Lafayette

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Patrick (Lafayette) played all the music and the lyrics and voice were added by me.  This was one of a number of tracks I did with him.

He will be sorely missed.

Bring Peace


A gut reaction and stream of conciouness rant about the world we live in. Bring peace!

Divine_Remix 2019


This is a tune was originally published 5 years ago and is part of the FreeEarCandy 2014 Coolection. Recently refurbished vocals, drums, bass,… well, almost everything was redone.

FreeEarCandy is free. Here is the link for downloads. Enjoy with my blessings and thanks.

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