Falling X

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I did this song in 2013 and uploaded to iCompositions. I cleaned up the mix and remastered it Hope you like it. 



We’ve been in lockdown for two weeks now. Strange days!

Since we can’t play together we exchanged files over the internet

Hans nooitgedagt Jr – drums

Bingsolex – lead guitar

Erwin B – bass

KC – vocals, guitar, keys  mix

Times like these

Bring out the best in man

We’re all in this together

And we do what we can


Refr: A thread to our existence

And no-one knows

What has to be done

We have to keep a distance

But our hearts are close

We have to keep holding on


Times like these

When nothing is sure

Our life is on the line

And there is no cure




Brdg: Hold on, hold on, hold on


In times like these

We stand united

A invisible enemy

We have no choice but to fight it


Half Over Now


Well, been cooped up here “social distancing” for the last couple weeks. Is it half over now? I’m thinking not.

This is a collaboration with Vic Holman (guitars and mixing), Mike Wark (bass), Mike Dancy (drums), & myself (vocals, tenor sax, & synth keyboard.

AKA: The Goodwillys

Big Man With A Little Thing


Hey, Big Man with your little thing

Don’t you know you don’t own everything

Hey, Big Man with your little thing

You’re a strapping lad but you don’t own everything


He’ll wiggle it about, wave it in your face.

Ask you if you’d like to try a little taste.

Hell, say no. You don’t know where it’s been.

But we all know it’s a dirty little thing.


It’s like two Tic Tacs and a little piece of string

Like his little finger, he likes it in his ring

And we all know, and we all sing:

Hey big man you got a dirty little thing. 


He’s a big man, with your little thing

Don’t you know you don’t know everything 

Hey, Big Man with your little thing

You’re a strapping lad but you don’t know everything

Hey, we all know.

Tell him where to go


He’s the old frat boy, the alpha male 

His favourite toy is his own little tail. 

He struts like a cock, he intimidates

He hasn’t got a problem with a little date rape. 


He’ll probably end up on a Wall Street

And he’ll fit right in with the rest of the creeps

In his dreams he’s the king of kings

But we all know he’s just a dirty little thing


Hey, Big Man … 


Screams of Burning Koalas

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The pic thre is of Lewis the Koala who was rescued by Toni Doherty during the megafires late last year. Poor fella had to be put down becuase he was in way too much pain.
I’ll be posing a song about that too in a few weeks or so I imagine. This one is about the people of Malacoota who had to evacuate their whole town on New Years Eve 2020 and spent the night in the ocean  to keep safe from the fires. While they bobbed on the waves they could hear the roar of the flames and screams of burning koalas. 

No More Time


There’s no more time to fix things. We’ve run out of time and ruined the world.  



Here’s a version that I did of an Orleans song.

I loved their first albums, great musicians and vocalists. This song was written and sung by Larry Hoppen, who died in 2012

Lethe (Song Of Er)


Another one from the vault.


Back in 2009 I decided to try my hand at some progressive rock. It’s a genre that readily lends itself to fantasy, so I chose for my theme “The Myth Of Er” from Plato’s Republic.


Plato often liked to close out his argumentation with a myth, thereby appealing to both logic and intuition. For this myth he draws on then current Orphic eschatological imagery.


Sadly, I lost the original files to this oldie but goodie in the great Mac crash of 2011, so I was only able to do a little bit of remastering for this post.


It’s not perfect, but some of you may appreciate what I was aiming at even if I did fall a tad short of the mark.




The discerning ear will no doubt detect the influence of bands like Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, “Selling England By The Pound”-era Genesis, and the Moody Blues.


BTW, I play everything on this tune except the drums which—if memory serves—are good ol’ Apple Loops!


Hope some of you can enjoy this one.


Be well all!

Choose your drugs with care, my child


A dark little song about those who lose themselves in drugs. Cheers!



Choose your drugs with care, my child

And pray you never need the gods to help you out

Because by then it’s too late – there’s no way out.

Ask your Mother – she knows best – she’ll lead you to a place of safety, hold you in her whisper stories, love you even if there’s little left to love …


Mommy’s boy is beautiful but lost, he left his breath behind when he left home, forgot to leave a trail of sweets so he could find his way back in the darkness he was cursed: a mundane spell was cast and turned him into yet another morsel for  the old witches’ feast …


And though the witches fought among themselves, the boy could only watch as time ran out, he slipped away and found so many more with nowhere else to run and so he lost himself amongst the others and he couldn’t tell where they ended and he began, so he slept his little life away … 


When there was nothing left he heard a whisper story breathe somewhere and something in the nothing that was nowhere slipped into the memory of his Mother’s arms, he heard her distant prayer, heard her say: 


Choose your drugs with care, my child, and pray you never, ever need the gods … 

Because by then it’s too late – there’s no way out.


Ask your Mother – she knows best – she’ll lead you to a place of safety, hold you in her whisper stories, love you even if there’s little left to love …

Tilting At Windmills


Yet another vault track from 2010-2011, and more timely than ever I’d say.


Micheal Wark: Vox, guitars, bass.

Andy Wigzell: Saxophone.

Scott Fugate: Live drum kit.



This a instrumental I actually wrote 6 years ago. I was just going through my old stuff and thought you guys might like it. 

This Is the Sh*t You Voted For


I’m very angry with Queensland. I hated that there were people who ‘hedged’ in our two-party-preference system. 
You can’t ‘hedge’ in our system of voting. 
So this is me putting the blame squarely back on Queensland for the disasters that have ensued. 



A new song

Did this one on my own


It’s 5 AM in the morning

I’m burning the midnight oil

There’s coffee to stop the yawning

Just don’t care about a recoil


I decide to take a walk

A starlit night in the park

I’m in the mood for a talk

But there’s no-one here in the dark


Refr: Neon lights under a full moon

The distant sound of cars

My mind starts roaming

Way beyond the stars


I’m back in my room and take a drink

My mind is easing down

This is the best time to think

When there’s no-one around




Brdg: I’m burning the midnight oil, burning the midnight oil (2x)


It’s 10 AM in the morning

It’is time to hit the hay

The sun came up without a warning

I think I’ll sleep all day




moving on

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Third track from my feel “EP.” These are all tracks I worked on during the last few months of 2019. Very basic guitar, bass, drums and vocals with king od a dark, slightly early 80s Goth feel.

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