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Ha’Dara means “Home of Light” in Bajorin. Inspired by an episode of Star Trek Voyager. Disclaimer: There are no guitars in this song. The guitar tracks are strictly plugins and effects in Logic X. Infact any of my songs that feature guitar work, there is not a real guitar. So, don’t congratulate me on my guitar playing. Sorry, LOL. 


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Composed by me on my iPad using Drummer and my own guitar and bass playing.

Lowlands Of Holland (The Foggy Dew)


This song covers and combines two traditional folk tunes. Of course, I try to rock them up a bit!


The first is a 300 year-old English anti-war song called “The Lowlands Of Holland,” which is about an early and rather brutal form of the draft, wherein what were called “Press gangs” would burst into a married couples bedroom on their wedding night and cart the poor groom off to war.


Tacked onto this is an old Irish hornpipe melody (which if memory serves, was also an anti-war tune) played as a guitar lead. It felt like a good way to close out the piece.


Hope you like it!




Marcel Alkema – harmonica
Hans Nooitgedagt Jr – drums
Bingsolex – lead guitar
Erwin B – bass, recording
KC – guitar, vocals, mix    

One More Time Before I Die


Another work in progress track. It’s fresh off the press so to speak. Important to be doing new stuff. “Based on true stories, loosely based on facts.” 

How come


One of last week’s session.

Hans Nooitgedagt Jr – drums

Bing solex – lead guitar

Erwin B – bass, recording

KC – vocals, guitar, mix & artwork

Summertime is Coming


A song on climate change: what could we do to save this planet suffering from an ailment we, humans. are the cause?

Cling To You

"LOVE... ain't it grand?
This is a song about the highest love of all.
DISCLAIMER: The piano solo was lifted from the samples provided in LogicProX. I only deleted 10 notes and re-positioned 6 others in order to make it work for this tune. Otherwise, it's pretty much as I found it. (One does what one can...)
I don't normally use samples, but I could never have played this kind of complex piano fingering on my own. As for the piano parts in the rest of the song, for good or ill they're all me.
Just saying...
Back in the day, when I was young.
I lived my life like I was the only one;
that ever mattered. 'Twas all about me.
I thought that's the way life is supposed to be.
Seemed I was always, missing the mark;
like some old drunkard stumbling out in the dark.
I put up a false front, because of my pride;
but I was hollowed out and empty inside.
I searched for love! I wanted to be free!
No matter how hard I tried it just eluded me.
I was a desperate man; this anyone could see.
Locked in a self-made prison, without a clue, without a key.
So there I was, at the end of my tether.
All I could see ahead was more stormy weather.
Then somehow your light, it pierced through the clouds.
I heard you speak... you called my name out loud!
You seemed like someone, I surely could trust.
I felt it deeply, and I knew that I must.
Right there I surrendered. You took my hand.
The fog then lifted, I could finally see land.
I wanted love...a love that would last;
and sweet release from the chains of my past.
You were the answer. You were the key;
unlocked my prison door, and set me free.
Well ever since that bright shiny day;
I've lived for love, and to give myself away.
Nestled securely, in your loving arms.
I fear no loss. I fear no harm.
As for the future, whatever it brings.
Through it all it is to you that I'll cling.
I'll hold you tightly, and never let go.
Apart from your love, my life's an empty show.
You've given me more than I can ever repay;
but I'll keep on trying anyway!
From this moment until my life is through,
I will always cling to you!

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