Last Call

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Written December 2009, while in post mix on Fall Out. That was an amazing studio session. It’s my first take at a Christmas song…



A song that I did with my friend Hans “Bingsolex” Nooitgedagt on guitar. The rest is by me

How Long-BigDru

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Beat Produced By: Yung Kartz of Philadelphia, PA. Engineered By: Keagan Kellogg Written/Mastered/Mixed/Singer Songwriter: Andrew Ezell (BigDru) Wash



Artie is a local songwriter / vocalist / guitarist who has been spilling his musical seeds all around the far South Coast for decades. 


Born in England, Artie migrated to Australia when he was 5. His musical life kicked up big time when, at age 10, he scored a role in the His Majesty’s Theatre ( Melbourne ) production of Oliver. 


Artie moved to Wyndham, on the far South Coast, at age 32. 


He established the local legends “Lounge Lizards’ with whom he continued to perform whilst also playing in ‘The Chevys’ rock band, the ‘Southerly Buster Band’ and ‘Black Velvet’. 


We didn’t see Artie again until October 2019 when he appeared in The Shed again and recorded his original “Fields Of Hay” 


We suspect Artie has plenty more great originals up his sleeve and hope to see him more frequently than every six years. We’re too old to wait that long Artie! 


Anyway, watch this space in hope.



from PBGB JUKEBOX, track released November 28, 2019 

Artie Westwood – vocal, guitar, writer 

Brett Ralph – guitar, backing vocal 

Peter Reid – drums 

Mick Nadin – harmonica 

Neil Porter – bass, keyboards, production

Hand In Hand


My last four or so tunes have dealt with rather serious matters, i.e., time and mortality, conspiracy, conversion, war, and so on.




I figured it was time to do something in a lighter vein.




This rocking little ditty is a simple testament of love to my wife Diana.


Please enjoy!




We’re standin’ hand-in-hand,

here on the shore.

We watch the waves roll in,

and listen to the ocean roar.


At home, or on the road,

whatever that we do;

every day’s a good day babe

when I’m spending time with you.



Your sweet love sustains me.

When I’m with you I feel free…

You are the only girl for me!



We took a long long drive,

through the country side;

listenin’ to our favorite tunes.

Just glad to be alive!


I choose the mountain road.

You choose the sea.

Even when we don’t agree,

the juice is worth the squeeze!



Your sweet love sustains me.

When I’m with you I feel free…

You are the only girl for me!



They say the best things in life…they are free.

It’s more than a cliché. It’s something to be.

Life’s been a banquet since the day that we met.

I’m gonna love you till my very last breath!




The sand in that old hourglass,

keeps on flowing out.

But counting days and hours

is not what life’s about.


The life of love we share here,

under Heaven’s smile;

fills me with gratitude,

though it only lasts awhile…



Your sweet love sustains me.

When I’m with you I feel free…

You are the only girl for me!




Not so much inspiration at the moment so here’s an oldie..

Ed Korma, programmed the dums and did the recording, the rest by me

Over Wired


This one is from the 2016 FreeEarCandy Collection. A real fuse blower. Enjoy

The Strange Cafe Lo


Another Mini Opera that i haven’t been able to post anywhere!  thank you for giving me a place to post it!

Sibling Revelry


Back in late 2010 (or early 2011) my younger brother Tom—who played drums professionally for more than two decades—sent me a drum track that he recorded in some studio in Colorado Springs back in the late 1990s. (He apparently was just screwing around while the band was taking a break…)


When my old Mac crashed back in late 2011, this track—along with several other gems—was lost to me. To my great joy I was recently able to recover it, and I decided to jam with it old school style.


It features some mighty fine “drum hero” soloing by Tom!


For some odd reason this has been exceedingly difficult for me to mix, even though there are only Tom’s drums, along with my guitar, bass and vocal. Go figure…


Anyway, I hope some of you can enjoy this slightly indulgent sampling of fraternal REVELRY (not “rivalry”).




PS: The photo is of me (left) & Tom (right) at the Oregon Coast when he visited about four years ago…


May Nine


piano performance – original recent – thanks ~ used yamaha S08 – thanks ! . . . actually did it on my birthday – 

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