Ralph’s Lament


I took a whack ay Reggae. Ralph is my alter. The other alter is Ralph’s evil twin. He refused to practice. I think he was a liitle drunk on rum. But, what a nice,deep voice, right. I can’t blame anyone for this, whatever it is. I wasn’t even smokin’ the ganja, honest.

History Repeats Itself

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I lost the files for this and I don’t remember the name of the musician who made the music. I added the vocals. I’m afraid I did a very crappy job.

Tunnel Vision


I recorded this song back in 2007 with me singing over just an acoustic guitar. At the now defunct site where it was originally posted it quickly became my most popular tune.


I have beefed it up for this posting by adding electric guitar, bass, organ, and drums.


It’s a kind of APOLOGY to all who ever had—or ever will have—the misfortune of engaging me in an argument!


Hope you folks can enjoy it.


Be well all!




Hello, my friend, won’t you sit awhile?

I would like to know what’s on your mind.

But I,

read between the lines as you speak.

And I,

insert many things you don’t believe

at all.



Pardon me friend, there I go again;

jumping to conclusions, I offend!

And I,

don’t separate the sinner from the sin.

For I,

am tunnel vision’s victim once again;

my dear friend.



Sometimes I see clearly.

Sometimes I am blind.

Mostly it’s this tunnel vision,

messin’ with my mind.


Living with myopia’s

cold and empty stare.

If it lies outside my focus,

it simply is not there.




How you can endure me I don’t know.

You must be blessed with the patience of Job.

It’s not

somethin’ that I planned to do , my friend.

But I,

am tunnel vision’s victim once again.


Assembly Fail

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written september 2012

one of the last songs i sang – it aint great but im all about the words dude bet me i couldnt write a song about his sketchy livingroom couch…

vox done live run thru on a pdm-45 sure mic and filters

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