This is a new song that is not quite right yet. I think the mix is off. Looking for opinions. Also, I have know idea who to say this song sounds like. It’s the first waltz we’ve written.


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it doesn’t feel finished, but i’ve no idea what else it needs. Criticism and feedback always very welcome.



This is a rough mix of a song in process I wanted to share.  I was trying to go for a hard rock sound Montrose had on “Rock Candy” if anyone remembers that.  

Analog Addict


This song features Analog Lab plugins. The featured synths are an Oberheim 8 voice and a Prophet V. My first synth was an Oberheim  TVS-1. Sadly it was in storage and destroyed in a fire. Hope you like this. 



Kim Noble,

Patrick Poulou,

Scott Fugate &

Andy Wigzell,

Indie Music Bus Radio Promo

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Promo staring Rich Wildman

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