loser’s game


i knew a bloke like this at college. a bit older than the rest of us and endlessly bitter about an unhappy past.

i welcome criticsm i know i have a lot to learn.

what about you


music theme drums keys guitars Dale Randall

Vocal themes lyrics Anne Cozean

Music themes (Vocal) lyrics guitars me

Incel (Some More)


The original (https://www.macjams.com/song/85279) was created by Chief Thinder Bear.  This posted track has woodwinds, timpani and piano added.  The hard part was putin’ the music all in the same room.  The original borders on being a low fi recording…



My friend and former icomp-er Marcello  (Cacciamai) recently sent me some keyboard, guitar, and bass files along with some lyrics, and asked if I would like to collab like the old days at icomp.

I added a drum track, some lead guitar, sang, and did the mixing.

I think it turned out rather well… Hope you like it!

Decisions 2019


This is a 2019 remix of a tune called Decisions from the FreeEarCandy 2013 Coolection. Not much to this tune. Nevertheless, it came out real nice. Features Vocals, Keys and Guitar.

Someday Maybe


This is a re-envisioning of a tune I uploaded some time ago to the old iComp site (and maybe MacJams? I don’t remember), but had a completely different sound, with vocals by Mark Sexton and a whole “Got To Get You Into My Life” horn section thing going with it.

Anyway, I decided to totally remake it. Here’s the remake.

Another Day With You


A song I wrote to celebrate meeting my wife and how life transpired after that. Patrick Poulou (Lafayette) provided the music. I was shocked and saddened to hear of his passing. 

Raining in my heart


Sad love song with some hope twoards the end. Another remastered mp3 of a long lost file. I wrote this in the late 90’s as an uptempo almost bluegrass sounding thing.  

White King


Age discrimination is real in the workplace….A collab with my dear pal, Patrick Poulou (Lafayette) who passed away yesterday from pancreatic cancer. RIP dear one…

If A Fantasy


Copyright 2019.  I actually heard the chorus for this one rolling around in my head one morning.  A rough mix of what might be a cheesy pop song but still cool.

Daddy (a song about loss)



Lyrics and melody: Sharon Shultz. Voice, instruments and production: Richard Schletty. DADDY lyrics: V1: It seems like yesterday that she came to me to say: Sit down I’ve got some news I want to tell you. We’re going to have a son. Yes, I’ll have your little one. Someone soon is going to call you Daddy. V2: I told her that’s a big surprise for a man on the rise. With so much to do, I told her sadly: Don’t do this to me. Some other time, you’ll see, Someone else will call us Mom and Daddy. V3: She said there’s other ways. There’s so many folks today who’d give everything they own to have a baby. I said just give it up, it wasn’t meant to be. No one has to know but you and me. V4: And so we set the date, the one that sealed your fate. I told myself it never would affect me. I said, “We’re not the only ones to do what we have done.” But she blamed herself and then she finally left me. CHORUS: Now I’m running down the hall trying to answer your call. I’ve had this dream a thousand times before. I cry out “Daddy’s here”, then I start to shake with fear. You’re on the other side and there’s no door! V5: Well, the years have slipped away, and it’s really strange to say all the simple things are what I miss so badly. Building blocks and tiny trains, and silly childhood games. But most of all someone to call me Daddy. V6: Today I’ve got it all – money, friends and fame. But all of this – I’d give it up so gladly. I’d give it all away if I could go back to that day… I’d save you, the one who would have called me Daddy. FINAL CHORUS: Now I’m running down the hall trying to answer your call. I’ve had this dream a thousand times before. I cry out “Daddy’s here”, then I start to shake with fear. You’re on the other side and there’s no door! I’m tryin’ to reach you, the one who would have called me Daddy! The little one, who would’ve called me Daddy I wish I could have heard you call me Daddy! © 2019, Sharon Shultz. Production: schlettysound.com. Special thanks to Brad Dunse and Paul F. Page for help with songwriting and arrangement.

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