Before I Stop Dreaming


Something I’m working on. 
An outer space ballad about breaking up and moving to another planet to get away from your ex.  

The Creamery


Perhaps the filthiest radio-friendly lyrics I’ve ever written, and featuring my brand new electric sitar.

Never To Grow Old



All tracks recorded on iPad 3 via GarageBand app.


What were we thinking? We sang our songs.

Were we just winking? It’s taking so long…

Where were we going?Hoping to claim the promise of our day

A dream is a cloud. Reshapes in the sky

Never to grow old


The days were sunny. The nights were cool.

A taste of honey. Was I just a fool?


Where are we now? Close to the end. The edge of our own time

Wiser perhaps. Reality reigns.                       Never to grow old.

© Jack Miller 2013

loser’s game


i knew a bloke like this at college. a bit older than the rest of us and endlessly bitter about an unhappy past.

i welcome criticsm i know i have a lot to learn.

what about you


music theme drums keys guitars Dale Randall

Vocal themes lyrics Anne Cozean

Music themes (Vocal) lyrics guitars me

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