Basses Loaded (2-8-2004)


Yet another tune from my first night all those centuries ago.

The idea was to make a song that was all (or mostly) bass.  The first attempt was pure 💩.  Then I came up with this one.  Sounded better (even though I was already reusing loops so early on).

Don’t worry.  I did eventually (and will eventually here) release not only the original piece of crap, but used my experience taking that piece of crap and making it shine.

So, there are THREE Basses Loaded tunes (this one considered the official one).

Kung Fu Shoes


I’ve been listening to a lot of older hip hop lately, so I thought I’d have a go creating an original track. So here’s my homage to the Beastie Boys…


When you live in a tourist area, the seasons aren’t just marked by the weather – there’s also a change in the feel of the place, with a decrease in crowds, there’s an increase in the awareness of community. This is just a reflection of the change, as the villages nearby close down for the winter.
To me, this feels like an “early jiguma” song – simple, but hopefully an interesting listen.
I’m playing everything here except drums and percussion, covered by Darcy and Quincy respectively.


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