Politically Correct


Looking over Twitter, someone asked for songs that fit specific categories. This one fit one, asked about.

sunbeam w voice


Free form jazz with poetry….Trying to break the boundaries of music…Music and mix by Tom Devine. I did the lyrics and vocals.

Before the humans came


thought I’d use opportunity to thank all those who listen and comment and to appologise for not reciprecating as I have no idea how to

Staying Alive (Hallelujah)


Imagine if Jesus had been around in the disco 70s … 


Well you can tell by the way I use my walk

I’m the Son of God, no time to talk

Lepers need a’healing and bankers need forgiving

Thank God I’m on the job

I take from the rich and give to the meek

An eye for an eye, turn the other cheek

There’s plenty of tales about Jesus the man

Though not many folks know that I can dance


Come the Armeggedon I’ll be Moonwalking from heaven 

The Second Coming’s imminent my Daddy is omnipotent so I’ll get

To the head of the line 

Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah It’s party time in paradise

Ah, Ah, Ah, I’ll turn your water to wine 

(You want that red or white?)


You can tell by the way I move my feet

I’m a holy ghost the kind you’d like to meet

The gospel is a’groovin’ and the Holy Spirit’s moving 

I am the word on the street

So raise your arms in the air or get down and pray

With me you can move in mysterious ways

Join us and jive upon the water

With me, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John Travolta


Come the Armegeddon we’ll be discoing in heaven yeah

Let the Romans crucify me I’m too cool to let it bother me

Cos I have eternal life

Ah, ah, ah, ah It’s party time in paradise

Ah, ah ,ah, ah we’ll stay up all night 

(They call me Jesus H. Christ)



Brothers and sisters

Put your hands together

Love thy Neighbour!


You can tell by the way I move my shoes

I’m no dancing fool I’m the King of the Jews

Devil’s got the music yeah but I know how to use it

I am the way, the light, and the groove

Watch me slide and take control

The dance floor’s mine like your living soul

We can jive and gyrate

All the way up to Heaven’s Gate




 Been out of the loop for a while (pretty much since MJ went down). Good to see a few old faces here. This is pretty self-explanatory. Richard Marris and I wrote the lyrics and melody, I sang and arranged.

A Few Too Many


A track from the vault.


For me 2010 to 2011 was a fun year for making music. I had a lot of collaborators.


This one lampoons heavy drinkers.


It features me on vox, guitars, and bass; with Andy Mackle on the live drum kit.


Hope you enjoy it!



A brand new song

Hans Nooitgedagt Jr – drums

Bingsolex – guitar

Erwin B – bass, recording

KC – guitar, vocals, mix & artwork

Into The Night


Something’s not right

But it’s worth the fight

Gotta sort it all out

And Drive

Headlights flash by

I’m still asking why

Into then night

I  Drive

I play it all back

But it’s still just a fact

I’m hoping it’s all just a lie

Changes, Changes in my life, Changes, Time to do or die

Suns on the rise

And I realize

What has to be done

So I’ll drive



This is a rough mix of a song in process I wanted to share.  I was trying to go for a hard rock sound Montrose had on “Rock Candy” if anyone remembers that.  

Camp Town Race


Thanks for Landing Up Here ~ i used a talkbox on my ensoniq ~ all done ‘real-time- ; ‘ also looking for some neat guitarist’s input .

Frosty Morn

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This is a new remix of a 2010 remix of a 2006 remake of a 2004 tune that was lost in teh Great Firewire Drive Crash of the early 2000s. No tracks have been changed, thus the hiss from the cheap mic I had at the time.

This tune isn’t in a hurry. It’s about 9 minutes of lush,  medetative meanderings. Perfect for a nice, cozy 50-degree Mississippi winter…

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