8 Seconds


A friend of mine is preparing a MOOC, and he needs 8 seconds of music under the title cards of the videos. Here are three proposals I made to him.



Several months ago my brother Tom sent me a CD of instrumental jazz-rock jams. Whereas my roots are in rock and folk, his are in rock and jazz. This makes collaborating with him a bit of a challenge for me.


Be that as it may, a piece called STARLIGHT spoke to me on first hearing. I decided, with Tom’s permission, to make it into a song. This took some editing and rearranging of his individual tracks (which he promptly supplied) before I had a workable structure to sing and play guitar and bass over; the original being an extended jazz-rock vamp. (He excels at such things!)


The original mix was posted on another site. This is a thorough REMIX!


So here it is. Another instance of “sibling revelry” from me and my bro. A bit of a departure from what I usually do; it’s a tad prog…a tad psychedelic. As there is no genre here for PROG-O-DELIC, I have chosen ROCK.




Thomas Wark: Original concept & synth (drums, percussion, xylophone, and strings.)

Micheal Wark: Final arrangement, lyrics, vocals, guitars, bass, and sound effects.


Now… let’s get COSMIC!

Soukous Cowboy


Colorado cowboy meets Congo meets Japan meets China.

Just for the sake of fun.



guitars, bass, drums and scat.

…What genre would you classify it?

Le Chemin de la Vie


I started writing this last year in our friends’ place in Ougney-Douvot in France Comté. It’s taken almost a year to get the lyrics sorted out and to get confident enough to sing a little of it in French.
We’ve stayed in the area on three occasions now, and grown to love so much about it. It’s not a tourist area, but it has what we enjoy – forests, small villages and friendly people. We feel at home there.
If you’re wondering about the french sections, they describe some of the wonderful hikes we’ve been on there.
Just another song about longing I suppose.
Cheers from Oz,

ReAl__Future Glitters

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Singing in Japanese, my mother tongue. Seems to be vocalising somewhat differently from different from when sung a song in English

Analog Addict


This song features Analog Lab plugins. The featured synths are an Oberheim 8 voice and a Prophet V. My first synth was an Oberheim  TVS-1. Sadly it was in storage and destroyed in a fire. Hope you like this. 

Will My Ship Ever Arrive – FINAL 2019-08-25, 4.16 PM



Will My Ship Ever Arrive?


© Stan Loh August 21, 2019


Verse 1




When clouds are dark,




The future’s stark,


                  C                                                                                  D7


Tomorrow … tomorrow’s never coming,


C                                         G


Testing my patience,




My money in rations,




                                   Em                         G


Oh will my ship ever arrive?


                                  Em                                G


When I am kicked can I survive?


                              C                                                            G


Pulling a rope which has no ending,


                                      C                                              G


Keeping the hope and embers burning,


                                  Em                           G


Oh will my ship ever arrive?


                                  Em                                G


When I am kicked can I survive?


                                        C                                                                 G


Knowing one day you’ll have me running,


                               C                                           G


After the ship has gone a-sailing,




Gm                                                                                                                                                     C            Gm


Pull out my smiles, walk the long miles, no one can see inside,


Gm                                                                                                                                         C                     Gm


Meanwhile I plan, survey and scan, fill up the shell with pride,




Oh the years have stayed still, but I have built,




Without any guilt, without any guilt!


Instrumental  Eb   Ab/   Eb   Ab




















Post Bridge


Ab                                                                                                                     Cm


What if I fall? Will I lose all that I now own?


Ab                                                                                                                                      Cm


Crazy it seems, chasing the dreams that I had sown,


Cm                                      F                                              C


Patience is running low, really low.


Instrumental   C   Em/   C   Em/




Em                                                             G


Oh will my ship ever arrive?


                                  Em                                G


When I am kicked can I survive?


                              C                                                            G


Pulling a rope which has no ending,


                                      C                                              G


Keeping the hope and embers burning,


                                  Em                           G


Oh will my ship ever arrive?


                                  Em                                G


When I am kicked can I survive?


                                  Em                           G


Oh will my ship ever arrive?






Entropy (Box After Box)

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Entropy (Box After Box)

the problem basically
is that
i don't want to do this

the dank basement is full of
box after box
of deteriorating memories

i haven't the heart for execution
to dispose of someone
else's treasures

likely in there
i am
somewhere in those boxes

so in a way
i am
erasing a bit of myself

~ ~ ~

in the darkest corner
of the basement
is a small separate room

and in that room
through a dilapidated door
is a closet

and in that disconnected closet
a hidden door

without a thought
i am again
opening that surreptitious door

~ ~ ~

the passage is always difficult
it leads down

crisp echoes my shuffling
groping towards
a distant glow


in the verdant glen
there is the sound
of gently murmuring water

sun softly dappling the moss
silken light
pervading this wordless room

now i can hear
a young couple

~ ~ ~

nothing is written
on the back

no date
no place
no name

another unknown photograph
another unrecalled memory
another ungrasped moment

i feel
to contemplate these things

box after box

yet in a way
i am
forgetting a bit of myself

(c)2005 Bill Grundmann

Your Favorite Station


Copyright 2013.  I was frustarted with several oldies station that I really liked at first but they slowly went to a very restricted playlist. Musicwise, I may have been in a bit of a Steely Dan/Jan Hammer mood at the time.

Gran Torino


Copyright 2013.  A jazz/funk/r&b number about living in the past.



Kim Noble,

Patrick Poulou,

Scott Fugate &

Andy Wigzell,

Scanning The Dial


Perhaps the strangest thing I’ve ever posted on any music sharing site. This is a number of snippets I produced for an upcoming podcast I’m producing where the conceit is that someone is scanning an old radio dial, with each skit or bit being something that the listener stops scanning long enough to listen to. This represents a number of parodies of specific songs or song styles. If there was an “Explicit” tag, I would add that. There’s definitely some adult language here.

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