A Few Too Many


A track from the vault.


For me 2010 to 2011 was a fun year for making music. I had a lot of collaborators.


This one lampoons heavy drinkers.


It features me on vox, guitars, and bass; with Andy Mackle on the live drum kit.


Hope you enjoy it!



A brand new song

Hans Nooitgedagt Jr – drums

Bingsolex – guitar

Erwin B – bass, recording

KC – guitar, vocals, mix & artwork

Into The Night


Something’s not right

But it’s worth the fight

Gotta sort it all out

And Drive

Headlights flash by

I’m still asking why

Into then night

I  Drive

I play it all back

But it’s still just a fact

I’m hoping it’s all just a lie

Changes, Changes in my life, Changes, Time to do or die

Suns on the rise

And I realize

What has to be done

So I’ll drive



This is a rough mix of a song in process I wanted to share.  I was trying to go for a hard rock sound Montrose had on “Rock Candy” if anyone remembers that.  

Camp Town Race


Thanks for Landing Up Here ~ i used a talkbox on my ensoniq ~ all done ‘real-time- ; ‘ also looking for some neat guitarist’s input .

Frosty Morn

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This is a new remix of a 2010 remix of a 2006 remake of a 2004 tune that was lost in teh Great Firewire Drive Crash of the early 2000s. No tracks have been changed, thus the hiss from the cheap mic I had at the time.

This tune isn’t in a hurry. It’s about 9 minutes of lush,  medetative meanderings. Perfect for a nice, cozy 50-degree Mississippi winter…



This is a remix of another old tune. The first version I did was around 2005. This version was recorded in 2010. None of the tracks were changed, only remixed.

The song was previously known as Yule, but I changed the title to Midwinter for this remix.

FYI, there are a total of 24 vocal tracks on this one. The most vocals I’ve had at one time.

Todd’s Omega Dance Party!


Todd was here a couple of times already.  He keeps leaving, pretending he is this or that. He does not know me at all… well, maybe a little now…

The Thunder(2)


This song was used to help prevent acid mining in Europe for Project Fishlake. I won the contest, and received a nice limited edition print for this creation….

8 Seconds


A friend of mine is preparing a MOOC, and he needs 8 seconds of music under the title cards of the videos. Here are three proposals I made to him.

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