Entropy (Box After Box)

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Entropy (Box After Box)

the problem basically
is that
i don't want to do this

the dank basement is full of
box after box
of deteriorating memories

i haven't the heart for execution
to dispose of someone
else's treasures

likely in there
i am
somewhere in those boxes

so in a way
i am
erasing a bit of myself

~ ~ ~

in the darkest corner
of the basement
is a small separate room

and in that room
through a dilapidated door
is a closet

and in that disconnected closet
a hidden door

without a thought
i am again
opening that surreptitious door

~ ~ ~

the passage is always difficult
it leads down

crisp echoes my shuffling
groping towards
a distant glow


in the verdant glen
there is the sound
of gently murmuring water

sun softly dappling the moss
silken light
pervading this wordless room

now i can hear
a young couple

~ ~ ~

nothing is written
on the back

no date
no place
no name

another unknown photograph
another unrecalled memory
another ungrasped moment

i feel
to contemplate these things

box after box

yet in a way
i am
forgetting a bit of myself

(c)2005 Bill Grundmann

Your Favorite Station


Copyright 2013.  I was frustarted with several oldies station that I really liked at first but they slowly went to a very restricted playlist. Musicwise, I may have been in a bit of a Steely Dan/Jan Hammer mood at the time.

Gran Torino


Copyright 2013.  A jazz/funk/r&b number about living in the past.



Kim Noble,

Patrick Poulou,

Scott Fugate &

Andy Wigzell,

Scanning The Dial


Perhaps the strangest thing I’ve ever posted on any music sharing site. This is a number of snippets I produced for an upcoming podcast I’m producing where the conceit is that someone is scanning an old radio dial, with each skit or bit being something that the listener stops scanning long enough to listen to. This represents a number of parodies of specific songs or song styles. If there was an “Explicit” tag, I would add that. There’s definitely some adult language here.

Basses Loaded (2-8-2004)

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Yet another tune from my first night all those centuries ago.

The idea was to make a song that was all (or mostly) bass.  The first attempt was pure 💩.  Then I came up with this one.  Sounded better (even though I was already reusing loops so early on).

Don’t worry.  I did eventually (and will eventually here) release not only the original piece of crap, but used my experience taking that piece of crap and making it shine.

So, there are THREE Basses Loaded tunes (this one considered the official one).

Kung Fu Shoes


I’ve been listening to a lot of older hip hop lately, so I thought I’d have a go creating an original track. So here’s my homage to the Beastie Boys…


When you live in a tourist area, the seasons aren’t just marked by the weather – there’s also a change in the feel of the place, with a decrease in crowds, there’s an increase in the awareness of community. This is just a reflection of the change, as the villages nearby close down for the winter.
To me, this feels like an “early jiguma” song – simple, but hopefully an interesting listen.
I’m playing everything here except drums and percussion, covered by Darcy and Quincy respectively.


Synestia 3


Synestia Three

this song is entirely generated by c code using a bunch of custom sound modifying algorithms.controlling this beast is a challenge.i tweak various parameters and function calls to get various outputs.lots of them don’t sound like much of anything, but once in a while something nice comes out.this song is one of those.

i set this project aside a few months ago, but i’ve become interested again,and might add some more to it. we’ll see…

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