Nasty Kitten Klub


When ya take your jealous wife to the Nasty Kitten Klub it might cost you your life. Bet ya didn’t see this story on Netflix either…



One of my favorite things to do in life has been sitting around by myself and noodling on a guitar. A little over ten years ago I decided to formalize the experience and started recording a series of instrumental pieces under the sobriquet “Guitar Noodles.” Here is one of them.

Traveling Soul


This is an as is track I put together in 2013. The tail end of this got cut off, but other than that this is something you may enjoy. Nylon acoustic guitars done in classical style. No vocals. String finish.



The original November Snow before the cuts 🙂 Main backing by toveco main theme by me

Mystic Midnight Dance


Time passing quickly             A new dawn drawing near
As the night descends 
And the sun arises.

Acoustic guitar, alto recorder, tambourine, and keyboard synth harp & synth violin. @2005

Texas Tango


From the heart of Texas. Grab your partner and get out on that dance floor! Hope you enjoy this half as much as I did making it.

MacBook 2008, M-Audio MobilePre, Les Paul Epiphone, Hohner Harp, Oxygen 25, Shure m57, Roland Micro Cube


Jazz 6


Lead guitar by Todd Larsen
Backing Track+Jazz Fusion 6 by Gaetano Scaletta
Cort M600 guitar
Tech 21 Fly Rig 6
Quilter 101 Mini Head
Custom made 12 inch Speaker cab with Hempopatomus Neo speaker.

Bolero dos


Took me a long time to figure our my first song in here.

I´m starting with my first one on iComp: two guitars, a bass, condiments. in Garage Band.






This collaboration, features Andy “Mr. Fab” Awigza on mystery horn and is one of many tunes we have done over the years.  The original tune was removed from the internet by me many years ago prompted by online hatred.  I just decided not to share strange and beautiful things with ugly people.  Let’s see what happens at IMS.  Ladies and ah, well, ladies this tune is simply the moment Daphne fell in love set to music.  I hope you enjoy.

His Power


A song i did for one of my rpg video games that i make on the Pc

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