This track is a Remix of a 2013 composition. The original was done on a Cort nylon and a Ibanez acoustic. This remix is done on a Martin Deadnought with the addition of strings.

car park richard


i watched a documentary about the unearthig of R3 in a leicester car park last year. A very strange group of people called the Ricardians, whose aim is to restore R3 to a good reputation. They clearly revere royalty and dismiss Shakespeare’s play as Tudor propaganda. They are eccentric but also annoying. My story is a mash up of Shakespeare’s character and that event. The key message from the bard, for me, was that R3 says he was fated to be bad, on account of the horrendous treatment meted out to him on account of his deformity.

I think i wrote this in harmonic minor mode (Mr Daugrin has set me off on a path of learning music theory, for which I am eternally grateful.)

Mana River Dream


A short instrumental piece, lazy-latin-waltz inspired by a place i used to live, many moons ago.



My 1st “Off the cuff” song from mid 80’s. This one recorded on Tracktion in maybe 07 or so. Lost due to harddrive crash. Only mp3 left so this is a remastered version of that. Mp3 of an Mp3. :).

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