Georgia Pines – Steve Caustrita



This guitars to this song are from 1980, the rest of the song from 2010 – 2017. The original title is Thumbing my way back to you. I asked Sam Dixion to add the vocals January of 2019. Again he exceeded my expectation, he gave it the groove I was looking for. THANKS STAN…

system fail

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seeming i have a bit of time off this week ill potter about with the studio and see what comes out of the creative flow process of my unsynced mind 


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a fairly old track as i rumage through the new stuff i have been playing with 

No Going Back


Alternate version of this song idea. Song, guitars, bass and mix by me.

Every Door Is Open

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written may 2010. leads on my HS-60 roland studio board and running a 1985 roland dr-110 drum machine as the beat base – pain in the ass by todays standards but back then amazing tech bro

Winding Mountain Road

It was a shock to learn from Mary Grathy on Facebook, this morning, that our dear friend Patrick Poulou has passed! I’m so sad. We collaborated on a couple of pieces. This one is one of them…I shall be climbing the Winding Mountain Road (which I wrote in 2012). with him! His music skills floors me each time! What a talent we have now lost! In this piece I wrote the song, sang it with my guitar on one track, sent it to him in France, and he arranged and provided all the instruments.
Farewell dear friend, LaFayette! Rest in PEACE!!! I’m so sad! 


Changing Places


One of my favourite tunes that nobody ever seemed to listen to.

It was made when I moved to the countryside from the city.

Puppets 1


This is a 2019 remix of a tune I wrote Jan 8th 2016. I did a rock and acoustic version of this piece. This is the acoustic.

I went into this project to fix an overpowering kick and ended up adding vocal harmonies and a complete redo of the bass and drum tracks. I think it sounds a lot nicer now.

The old track is parked over at my SC account here if you want to hear the differences.


There Was A Time


Release date:

16 January 2006

Working towards an intense feeling – an anxious anticipation. My first truly favourite – a break through i spose. First one on my the ROLAND HS-60 I think… a salvia-rific adventure… truly slavia

Fall Out


March 9, 2009

The human stain; the fall out. The residual left behind be each of us as we walk the earth… or something kind of like that.

the riff was done in one hour recorded – then I got 420 – when i got back to it i did the lead on the back half in one take ad lib.

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