Pontefract Castle


Talking with Richard the other night he reminded me of a song we did with Rebise from MJ. I didn’t realise we had finished it but this version from 2009 suggests we did. I don’t know why it never got posted to MJ. Perhaps we weren’t happy with it. I wasn’t too keen on my vocals or the guitar break and maybe I was going to add some more instruments. Who knows? Anyway, here it is in all its failings. 


Dick: Lyrics, music, vocals

Richard: Lyrics, music 

Rebsie: Lyrics, vocals


Pontefract Castle was a feared castle in the North of England. It saw much death and destruction and after the Civil War the people willingly pulled it down on the orders of Cromwell. 


Pomfret, Pomfret! O thou bloody prison,
Fatal and ominous to noble peers!
Within the guilty closure of thy walls
Richard the second here was hack’d to death;
And, for more slander to thy dismal seat,
We give thee up our guiltless blood to drink.


Pontefract Castle (© 2009 Langford/Marris/Fairholm) 


Oh the wind blows cold 

Cross the fields and through the south gate

Pontefract Castle stands in ruins above the town

These wretched stones caused the people fear and heartache

but the people built the castle

and the people pulled it down


Another fight, but it’s always someone else’s

Life’s hard enough without this constant fear

We’ll pay the price but we all know where the wealth is

It’s sitting in the castle and

we won’t see it out here


Catch the murmur through the sedges

Catch the clamour in the stones

Bring the fires to the edges

The time to act is now

Beat the rhythm of rebellion

Blow the horns around the stones

Raise the sleepers from the hollow hills…


Oh the wind blows cold

The people built the castle

But the people pulled it down


faded blue


god bless miles davis, john coltrane and bill evans. god forgive me for this little tribute



Me making music, still having fun with the Arturia vintage pack, funny how past sounds actual! Anyway, enjoy!



Fun romp, hoping it will be flushed out further on wikiloops.com

Pound the Ground


Bass, Synths of many sorts, arpeggiator, all created from scratch with an m audio prokeys 88, mac, and garageband.  Please enjoy and comment!!!

Time (Grathy 2)


I can’t recall who did this version of my poem, which recently won an award on medium.com. 

Dance The Whole System

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god is a child with an ant farm,
so I dance the whole system

me on vox and words 
samples and loops


Georgia Pines – Steve Caustrita



This guitars to this song are from 1980, the rest of the song from 2010 – 2017. The original title is Thumbing my way back to you. I asked Sam Dixion to add the vocals January of 2019. Again he exceeded my expectation, he gave it the groove I was looking for. THANKS STAN…

system fail

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seeming i have a bit of time off this week ill potter about with the studio and see what comes out of the creative flow process of my unsynced mind 

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