Fun romp, hoping it will be flushed out further on

Pound the Ground


Bass, Synths of many sorts, arpeggiator, all created from scratch with an m audio prokeys 88, mac, and garageband.  Please enjoy and comment!!!

Time (Grathy 2)


I can’t recall who did this version of my poem, which recently won an award on 

Dance The Whole System

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god is a child with an ant farm,
so I dance the whole system

me on vox and words 
samples and loops


Georgia Pines – Steve Caustrita



This guitars to this song are from 1980, the rest of the song from 2010 – 2017. The original title is Thumbing my way back to you. I asked Sam Dixion to add the vocals January of 2019. Again he exceeded my expectation, he gave it the groove I was looking for. THANKS STAN…

system fail

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seeming i have a bit of time off this week ill potter about with the studio and see what comes out of the creative flow process of my unsynced mind 


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a fairly old track as i rumage through the new stuff i have been playing with 

No Going Back


Alternate version of this song idea. Song, guitars, bass and mix by me.

Every Door Is Open

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written may 2010. leads on my HS-60 roland studio board and running a 1985 roland dr-110 drum machine as the beat base – pain in the ass by todays standards but back then amazing tech bro

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