get a life


another verse/chorus was never going to comr for this song then along come mr daugrin with his 60′ challenge



A brand new song

Hans Nooitgedagt Jr – drums

Bingsolex – guitar

Erwin B – bass, recording

KC – guitar, vocals, mix & artwork

Into The Night


Something’s not right

But it’s worth the fight

Gotta sort it all out

And Drive

Headlights flash by

I’m still asking why

Into then night

I  Drive

I play it all back

But it’s still just a fact

I’m hoping it’s all just a lie

Changes, Changes in my life, Changes, Time to do or die

Suns on the rise

And I realize

What has to be done

So I’ll drive

Todd’s Omega Dance Party!


Todd was here a couple of times already.  He keeps leaving, pretending he is this or that. He does not know me at all… well, maybe a little now…



Several months ago my brother Tom sent me a CD of instrumental jazz-rock jams. Whereas my roots are in rock and folk, his are in rock and jazz. This makes collaborating with him a bit of a challenge for me.


Be that as it may, a piece called STARLIGHT spoke to me on first hearing. I decided, with Tom’s permission, to make it into a song. This took some editing and rearranging of his individual tracks (which he promptly supplied) before I had a workable structure to sing and play guitar and bass over; the original being an extended jazz-rock vamp. (He excels at such things!)


The original mix was posted on another site. This is a thorough REMIX!


So here it is. Another instance of “sibling revelry” from me and my bro. A bit of a departure from what I usually do; it’s a tad prog…a tad psychedelic. As there is no genre here for PROG-O-DELIC, I have chosen ROCK.




Thomas Wark: Original concept & synth (drums, percussion, xylophone, and strings.)

Micheal Wark: Final arrangement, lyrics, vocals, guitars, bass, and sound effects.


Now… let’s get COSMIC!

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