You gotta be true

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I’ts been a while since I’ve been here. But we’be been recording a lot of songs in the last month

This one was recorded september 20th.

Hans Nooitgedagt Jr – drums

Bingsolex – lead guitar

Erwin B – bass, recording

KC – vocals, guitar, keys & mix



I don’t take no for an answer

I want to know what is true

Don’t be a tightrope dancer

That’s the politician in you


You keep your cards to your chest

You never say where it’s at

You keep saying you’re the best

The greatest we’ve ever had


Refr: I tell it to you straight

It’s your hubris that I hate

How can I have faith in you

With all the things you do


I don’t like those guessing games

I don’t like to be kept in the dark

Please tell me about your goals and aims

What is going on in your heart


Brdg: You gotta be true(3x)

True to yourself


Ain’t Gonna Happen


Another vault track from 2010-2011. Like several other trax from this period the original files were lost in the great Mac crash of 2011, so I have only been able to do a little remastering on the final mix.


Enjoy my friends!


Micheal Wark: Vox, guitars, and bass.

Scott Fugate: Live drum kit.




Last week I got the Arturia Pack, and the DX was in there!

Imagine an 17 yo  hairless Macoco playing a spanish guitar but having in head a twangggswoooshieeedinng synth sound!

Now I finally get it!

This song is all DX but drums. 

Hope you like it. 




Rachel’s Blues


Started out for the Ramona series, but the death of a good friend of mine messed up my mood for provacative lyrics.  We live on…

The Spider and the Fly


First upload for me!

I’m giving you a listen to the classic poem “Spider and the Fly” by Mary Howitt against the tempting instrumentation created by Meto2 from

As always, does anyone have any grey poupon?

Elaine 🙂


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