Greta First Moon


This one was suggested by Rich.  So I made it on Christmas Day when everyone was sleeping.

Into The Down

Blues part 2: Winding deeper into the Down…

Guitars, harps, and organ/bass keyboards played by me.
Hope you enjoy…



Winding Down


This offering is a laid back instrumental ensemble of tenor sax, electric guitar, bass, organ, and drums.
All instrument tracks played by me except for the drums.

Penny Loafer Shoes


This is a novalty/throw away piece I did back in 2014. I wrote some crazy lyrics that needed a home so I put together a crazy tune to match them. Though I never really considered myself a big Frank Zappa fan, I suppose somewhere deep down I am. I guess this falls into the catagory of blues, but in my mind it was done with humor in mind.

Midnight Child 2019


The beautiful and haunting voice of Elaine graces this composition! Thanks Elaine! One of my treasures.



Started as a jam then I added a little uke. Rob left a kent banjo so I plucked some notes.
Weed was legalized in Canada October 2018. The Federal Government gave each Province their choice in how they want to sell the product. Nova Scotia chose the Liquor Store owned by the Provincial Government… grab …closed down the Dispensaries

If Heartaches Were Nickels


Origianally did the collaboration of this cover song with Jeff Jones on guitar. (License # 464233). I re-did the vocals and mix and am so glad to resurrect it from IComps and give it new life here on Indie Music. Hope you enjoy

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