Mama Magnolia


It’s an 1930s acoustic blues with the smokin’ electric slide guitar filling. Also, It features the stylings of Robert Johnson, Howlin’ Wolf, Son House, Mississippi John Hurt, R.L. Burnside, and Muddy Waters. 



This song is all about current events that have happened until today, through the shootings, the violence, the pandemic, heartaches, pain, trials and tribulations, and the crisis. Through this Coronavirus or CO-VID 19 pandemic, and politicians. I hope this song will understand the concept of our lives, and we understand that “we’re all in this together.” 2020 is the year of optimism, authority, resilience, devotion, faith, hope, rejuvenation, and passion. Throughout these unprecedented times, since the beginning of Coronavirus or Co-Vid 19, the #BlackLivesMatter movement. This song has a message for those who in need. But, my message is this: We can speak minds, we can speak hearts and souls, we can speak words of expression and hope. We turning sorrow into JOY and HOPE. Just sit back, relax, close your eyes, and imagine. Listen to the lyrics and feel it.


Can’t Get There From Here (1 minute end time blues)


Had a dream the other night of a band rehearsing, singing what words I can’t remeber but this music line line stuck with me.

60 seconds of summertime blues..


Can’t get there from here/Time is short, I fear/The road only leads to where we’ve been.

Can’t get there from here/Night has fallen, my dear/Light your lamp or lose your way/Light your lamp or lose your way.



a collaboration with our International Scoundrel Member Jarno Luhtanen of Finland and our Florida Scoundrels a Soul BLues track called Few Miles from home music by Jarno Vocals By Danny Flanagan and Lyrics by Moi

Into The Night



Ok hopefully 3rd times a charm in gettting this song to itls finish. Thanks for those suggestions. 


Something’s not right

But it’s worth the fight

Gotta sort it all out

And Drive

Headlights flash by

I’m still asking why

Into then night

I Drive

I play it all back

But it’s still just a fact

I’m hoping it’s all just a lie

Changes, Changes in my life, Changes, Time to do or die

Changes, Changes in my life, Changes, Time to do or die

Suns on the rise

And I realize

What has to be done

So I’ll drive

Suns on the rise

And I realize

What has to be done

So I’ll drive

Greta First Moon


This one was suggested by Rich.  So I made it on Christmas Day when everyone was sleeping.

Into The Down

Blues part 2: Winding deeper into the Down…

Guitars, harps, and organ/bass keyboards played by me.
Hope you enjoy…



Winding Down


This offering is a laid back instrumental ensemble of tenor sax, electric guitar, bass, organ, and drums.
All instrument tracks played by me except for the drums.

Penny Loafer Shoes


This is a novalty/throw away piece I did back in 2014. I wrote some crazy lyrics that needed a home so I put together a crazy tune to match them. Though I never really considered myself a big Frank Zappa fan, I suppose somewhere deep down I am. I guess this falls into the catagory of blues, but in my mind it was done with humor in mind.

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