Last Call

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Written December 2009, while in post mix on Fall Out. That was an amazing studio session. It’s my first take at a Christmas song…

How Long-BigDru

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Beat Produced By: Yung Kartz of Philadelphia, PA. Engineered By: Keagan Kellogg Written/Mastered/Mixed/Singer Songwriter: Andrew Ezell (BigDru) Wash



Artie is a local songwriter / vocalist / guitarist who has been spilling his musical seeds all around the far South Coast for decades. 


Born in England, Artie migrated to Australia when he was 5. His musical life kicked up big time when, at age 10, he scored a role in the His Majesty’s Theatre ( Melbourne ) production of Oliver. 


Artie moved to Wyndham, on the far South Coast, at age 32. 


He established the local legends “Lounge Lizards’ with whom he continued to perform whilst also playing in ‘The Chevys’ rock band, the ‘Southerly Buster Band’ and ‘Black Velvet’. 


We didn’t see Artie again until October 2019 when he appeared in The Shed again and recorded his original “Fields Of Hay” 


We suspect Artie has plenty more great originals up his sleeve and hope to see him more frequently than every six years. We’re too old to wait that long Artie! 


Anyway, watch this space in hope.



from PBGB JUKEBOX, track released November 28, 2019 

Artie Westwood – vocal, guitar, writer 

Brett Ralph – guitar, backing vocal 

Peter Reid – drums 

Mick Nadin – harmonica 

Neil Porter – bass, keyboards, production

Over Wired


This one is from the 2016 FreeEarCandy Collection. A real fuse blower. Enjoy

The Strange Cafe Lo


Another Mini Opera that i haven’t been able to post anywhere!  thank you for giving me a place to post it!


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Composed by me on my iPad using Drummer and my own guitar and bass playing.

Summertime is Coming


A song on climate change: what could we do to save this planet suffering from an ailment we, humans. are the cause?

Can’t Stop The Bleeding


This is a 2019 remix of a track from the 2016 FreeEarCandy Collection. Features sax, vocals & harmanies, electric & acoustic guitars, strings, bass and drums. This starts out nice and slow and builds as it moves along. A moddy piece with a real nice electric lead guitar-David Gilmour style on a hefty strat. Enjoy.

Dad’s New Suit with Lafayette

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Patrick (Lafayette) played all the music and the lyrics and voice were added by me.  This was one of a number of tracks I did with him.

He will be sorely missed.

Bring Peace


A gut reaction and stream of conciouness rant about the world we live in. Bring peace!

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