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Composed by me on my iPad using Drummer and my own guitar and bass playing.

Summertime is Coming


A song on climate change: what could we do to save this planet suffering from an ailment we, humans. are the cause?

Can’t Stop The Bleeding


This is a 2019 remix of a track from the 2016 FreeEarCandy Collection. Features sax, vocals & harmanies, electric & acoustic guitars, strings, bass and drums. This starts out nice and slow and builds as it moves along. A moddy piece with a real nice electric lead guitar-David Gilmour style on a hefty strat. Enjoy.

Dad’s New Suit with Lafayette

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Patrick (Lafayette) played all the music and the lyrics and voice were added by me.  This was one of a number of tracks I did with him.

He will be sorely missed.

Bring Peace


A gut reaction and stream of conciouness rant about the world we live in. Bring peace!

Divine_Remix 2019


This is a tune was originally published 5 years ago and is part of the FreeEarCandy 2014 Coolection. Recently refurbished vocals, drums, bass,… well, almost everything was redone.

FreeEarCandy is free. Here is the link for downloads. Enjoy with my blessings and thanks.

And Thou Art Dead


A classic poem set to some unusual music. The mitre is adapted to the poem so at times a chorus becomes a verse and so on. Hope it’s something you might find interesting

Sweet Nothings


This is one of my earliest compositions that began soon after my introduction to digital recording and the use of a DAW. I was lost, as I had no experience whatsoever, in terms of recording, mixing and mastering. Up until then, my sole interest was to play guitar and that was as far as I wanted to go. I had no interest in learning anything else.

At first, trying to figure out all the bells and whistles and remember where they were at was a task in and of itself, and learning all the terminology is not far from learning another language. Midi had me totally baffled and playing drums and bass on a keyboard was totally counter intuitive. In a sense I was a lost kid inside this huge candy store and all the candy was just out of my reach.

Well I did my best and managed to create a few tunes that were, let’s say, perhaps interesting melodies, but annoying in terms of sound quality. Anyway, I posted them on sound cloud, and that’s when I ran into a fellow by the name of Marcelo Teles. Marcelo, commented on a this particular tune and was very honest. He told me the drum loop didn’t follow the guitar work, and I knew he was right, but I just didn’t know how to go about fixing it. He offered to help and that was my first online collaboration.

I sent my material to Marcelo and, he not only put together a very nice drum track, he also wrote a bass, nylon guitar, electric & acoustic piano tracks. I was essentially responsible for all things analogue-Vocals, electric guitar, and some strings that I played on my Casio analogue keyboard.

The tune came alive, as Marcelo worked around the original Melody, which was very basic, save the electric guitar work. Even the vocals were done in spoken word (I didn’t have the courage to sing yet). As nice as all this was, when it came to mixing and mastering, I couldn’t do it any justice with my level of skills at the time. Nevertheless we published it and I was very satisfied with the responses and so was Marcelo.  Nevertheless, the project need some serious adjustment.

Well, here I am, several years later, resurrecting this composition to breathe some new life into it, and I hope you enjoy this remixed and updated version.  New features include some addition keys for back ground effects, some acoustic guitar, adjusted lyrics and new vocals with harmony.



This is a tune I put together back in 2015. Has some newly added special effects and complete overhaul of the vocal tracks, with some different lyrics here and there.

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